enamored, infatuated are very frequently used interchangeably, though with a loss in precision, in the sense of being passionately in love.
Enamored usually connotes complete absorption in the passion

Elizabeth-Jane ... did not fail to perceive that her father . . . and Donald Farfrae became more desperately enamored of her friend every day— Hardy

Infatuated, when applied to lovers and their acts, carries much the same implications as enamored but may add the implications of its primary sense (see FOND 1) of blind folly and unreasoning ardor

you, Scythrop Glowry, of Nightmare Abbey . . . infatuated with such a dancing . . . thoughtless, careless . . . thing as Marionetta— Peacock

Analogous words: bewitched, captivated, fascinated (see ATTRACT): fond, devoted, doting, *loving

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.

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